Twin Cities District Executive Team 2013

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Twin Cities District Executive Team 2013

Meet your Twin Cities District UMW Executive Team for 2013

For contact information go to "TC Exec Team Contact Info."

Becky Coleman, President

Sylvia Farrells, Vice President

Sue Bosshardt, Secretary

Glenice Butler, Treasurer

Clarice Lien & Carol Nemitz, Secretary of Program Resources

Phyllis Kieser, Communications Coordinator

Shelly Colvin, Social Action Mission Coordinator

Jean Waldt, Spiritual Growth Mission Coordinator

Susanne Mattison, Membership, Nurture & Outreach Mission Coordinator

Joanie Hart, Education & Interpretation Mission Coordinator

Wanda Driver, Committee on Nominations and Class of 2016

Shirley Jackson, Class of 2014 Committee on Nominations and Chair of Nominations

Char Swanson, Appointed Historian

Wesely Griffin, Class of 2014 Committee on Nominations

Wanda Driver Orescanin Appointed, Methodist Hospital Rep

Bonnie Eidman, Class of 2015 Committee on Nominations

Ruth Schevenius - Appointed, Church Women United Representative

Mary Longsdorf, Class of 2015 Committee on Nominations

Carolyn Doyle, Class of 2016 Committee on Nominations

Maxene Schwanke, Appointed Walker Health Center Rep

Vivian LaRock, Appointed Emma Norton Services Rep