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TREASURER:Helen Eslinger   952-896-1136



Are you a Five Star Unit? The five mission giving areas are:

1. Pledge to Mission (any amount)

2. Special Mission Recognition ($40.00 and receive a plain pin)

3. Gift to Mission (minimum $5.00)

4. Gift in Memory (minimum $5.00)

5. World Thank Offering (any amount)

Our Mission Giving helps mission work for women, children, and youth locally, nationally, and internationally.




Name _________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

Office __________________________ Telephone # ___________________

Event _________________________________________________________

Miles _______________________ @ .40/Mile ______________

Registration ___________________________ ______________

Program Resources ____________________ ______________

Presenter _____________________________ ______________

Newsletter ____________________________ ______________

Printing ______________________________ ______________

Postage ______________________________ ______________

Office Supplies ________________________ ______________

Other ________________________________ ______________

Attach Receipts

TOTAL $ ____________

Signature ____________________________________Date______________

(Check will not be issued without a signed voucher)

Check # _______________ Date Paid ___________________ Amount $ ______________

APPROVED President ___________________________Secretary ___________________________


submit to: Helen Eslinger  10280 Scarborough Road, Bloomington, MN  55437